The frame of the old Emirati markets

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The frame of the old Emirati markets

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هذا المنتج متوفر في موقع كاموي ستور للمنتج اليدوي بأقل سعر تكلفة، التوصيل داخل دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة والخليج العربي والأردن، زر موقعنا على

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A frame of Old Emirati Souq (Old Market)

About evolution painter, Alia Al-Suwaidi presents you with the frames of the old Emirati markets, which are the beginnings of trade in the country. Also, the ceilings are occupied by palm fronds to block the sun’s rays, and the man’s dress shown in the picture imitates the traditional dress style of that time and the dirt paths that the viewer finds the simplicity of the event.

The painter, Alia Al-Suwaidi, took more than three days, for a work period of more than 8 hours, to produce this masterpiece for you.

You can use this painting and hang it on the wall, whether in guest rooms, salons, offices, or what is meant by Emirati heritage circles, museums in general, or Arab hostels.

The frame is available upon request.

Order it now! It’s amazing.


Image size: Not to exceed 65cm in length/Not less than 80cm in width Approx

 تقدم الرسامة علياء السويدي اطار عن التطور للأسواق الإماراتية القديمة التي كانت بدايات التجارة في الدولة. كما أن السقوف تشغلها سعف النخيل لحجب أشعة الشمس ، ولبس الرجل الموضح في الصورة يقلد أسلوب اللباس التقليدي في ذلك الوقت والمسارات الترابية التي يجدها المشاهد بساطة الحدث
استغرقت الرسامة علياء السويدي أكثر من ثلاثة أيام ، ولمدة عمل تزيد عن 8 ساعات ، لإنتاج هذه التحفة الفنية من أجلك

يمكنك استخدام هذه اللوحة وتعليقها على الحائط سواء في غرف الضيوف أو الصالونات أو المكاتب أو ما تعنيه دوائر التراث الإماراتي أو المتاحف بشكل عام أو النزل العربية

الإطار متاح عند الطلب

اطلبها الآن! شيء مذهل


حجم الصورة: لا يتجاوز طولها 65 سم / عرضها لا يقل عن 80 سم تقريبًا

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Welcome!! I salute you for browsing my products and my arts in the field of painting. I am not here to praise my work; my work is what speaks for me. I am from a contemporary country that loves development and success and abandoned comfort and pursued its dream, becoming one of the first countries of high importance. It is the United Arab Emirates. I know that you have heard a lot about that country. So, talents and arts emerged from him, and our governments adopted them with all seriousness and determination until we created ideas that none of our peers could catch up it.

I am Alia Al Suwaidi, an Emirati, I loved my country, and my country loved me. It gave me safety and stability, and I gave it to him. The love of the homeland provides you with energy and freedom of creativity. This environment created the talent for drawing, and I dedicated it to recording the history of this great country’s most beautiful personalities and the most beautiful heritage. Yes! I have never compromised in continuing my dream, as I have developed my talent over the years. Today, I present works in an Emirati Middle Eastern platform that embraces skills with Emirati government support.

I won many awards and first ranks in oil painting work at Al-Asayel School in the Basma Creativity exhibition and other shows inside and outside the country. I achieved my dream and established a center for training and skills development in arts and crafts.

My art was related to the authentic Emirati women and leaders who made history before it made them, such as Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and other Sheikhs of the UAE. This achievement that our leaders have achieved prompted an entire people to search for beautifying the Emirati image and making it enter history from its most expansive doors. Therefore, you will find that our creativity has become a regular thing, not an exaggeration; it is the reality, my dear.

Remember! Leaders are inspiration, and inspiration only comes to leaders.

I love you, and my UAE loves you.

Alia Al Suwaidi

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