Kamui Store is a store that specializes in providing the best talents and craftsmen, whether Emiratis or other nationalities. Kamui owns a unique group of handmade products in all departments and can provide and deliver products in all countries of the Middle East soon it will be a company capable of delivering to all countries of the world, as it has a group of employees who strive to achieve the best types of services for customers. The Kamui store is also a support that the management derives from the sheikhs and rulers of the United Arab Emirates, as they strive to provide the best for the residents of the Emirates.

Kamui is a beautiful scholarship offered by the UAE-owned Rezebook group of companies that have chosen to be based in Dubai.

Kamui strongly supports the concept of the idea of strengthening the Emirati heritage in particular and the Arab one in general, as well as a way for talents to display their unique handmade products.

Kamui is not a platform whose goal is profit only and is supported by the United Arab Emirates. Kamui’s primary goal is to make Emirati citizens and Emirati citizens an employer and promote the concept of independence in income, which is the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the rulers of the Emirates.

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